How To: Brew an All Grain Beer with Decoction

Brew an All Grain Beer with Decoction

Shiloh Branigan from Amarillo Brewing Supply brings you another how to brew instructional with her complete step-by-step All Grain brewday.

American Lager w/ lime zest
10 Gallon Batch; Double decoction mash

15 lbs pilsen malt
2 lbs flaked rice
.5 lb flaked corn
1 oz Motueka hops
90 minute boil
Hop additions: 1/2 oz @ 60, 1/4oz @ 30, 1/4oz @ 15min
Lime zest addition: 2 oz @ 10 min.
Original gravity = 1.045
Fermentation: 3 stage lager.

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