How To: Make your own yeast starter for homebrewing

Make your own yeast starter for homebrewing

In order to make starter years, for home brewing beer, you will need the following ingredients and supplies: water, sanitizer, DME, scissors, refractometer, a magnetic stir bar, aluminum foil, yeast, and a funnel.

Everything must be sanitzed first. Put water on to boil. Add DME. Allow it to boil for 15 minutes. Stir frequently. Place pot in an ice bath. You will need to periodically take a gravity reading.

When the pot is cool enough, pour it into a decanter. Add yeast. Shake it well. Put your stir bar in the decanter. Cover the top with foil. Allow it to sit and be stirred for a couple of days. Then, refrigerate it until you begin brewing your beer.

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