How To: Open a Beer with Your Forearm

Open a Beer with Your Forearm

If you can't always crack open a cold one with the usual twisting motion, you might want to try it like shown in this instructional video. It keeps your t-shirts intact, and saves the humiliation of asking for a bottle opener for that twist-off cap. Follow along with this how-to video to learn how to open a beer bottle with your forearm.

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Ouch, that hurts but he makes it look easy and painless.


try opening an imported beer like that...

Yea, try it with better German beer..and tell me if you liked the taste!

i do this all the time... hell my girlfriend even does it... not a hard trick.. just relax the arm and it pops right off.. hell its easier than using your hand..

god it's so hard to twist a bottle cap. thank you so much for this nugget.


oh god this solves my problems.
better try it out with my no added sugar apple juice

Woew.. Coool...

I searched all over for how to do last............... .................pffffft

i tried to do this
and the only thing that i get its a arm full of marks

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