How To: Store beer properly

Store beer properly

Nothing beats a cold beer on a hot day. If you store your beer correctly, you won't be disappointed by a bad brew.

You Will Need
* Beer
* A beer cellar or refrigerator
* A temperature gauge

Step 1: Store beer upright
Stand beer upright instead of putting it on its side. The yeast will settle at the bottom of the bottle rather than leaving a yeast ring on the side that never mixes in.

Step 2: Store beer away from light
Store your beer in a dim location. Green and brown bottles help beer from becoming "light struck," which gives brew a skunky taste.

Better beers are often bottled in brown. The darker shade blocks light.

Step 3: Keep beer cool
Place your beer in a cool spot, such as a beer cellar or refrigerator, with temperatures between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Over time, heat will spoil your beer.

Beer with high alcohol content should be stored at warmer temperatures, while beer with less alcohol should be stored at cooler temperatures.

Step 4: Drink beer
Drink your stored American beer within four to six months. Imported beers can last up to a year.

Fact: The world's most expensive bottle of beer is Carlsberg Vintage No.1 at nearly $400.

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