How To: Pour the perfect beer

Pour the perfect beer

There's an art to getting that perfect pour to maximize your beer experience.
You Will Need
* A glass or cup
* Beer from a can, bottle, or tap

WARNING: Don't drink unless you're of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.

Step 1
Tilt your glass at a forty-five degree angle underneath your beer source.

Step 2
Pour the beer onto the middle part of the inside of the glass.

Step 3
Tilt the glass back to a straight position once the beer has reached the halfway point in the glass.

Step 4
Pour the beer down the middle until the glass is full. There should be a nice head on the beer that's not too thick and not too thin.

Some beers require different levels of foam. For more foam, tilt the glass back earlier, and for less foam wait longer.

Step 5
Take a drink before the foam settles. A large portion of the taste exists in the foam, especially in higher-quality beers.

Fact: The reduction in pressure when a beer is opened causes carbon dioxide bubbles to create foam.

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