How To: Crush a beer can on your head

Crush a beer can on your head

Can't eat fire or swallow a sword? Be the life of the party and impress your drunken friends by crushing a beer can on your head.
You Will Need:
* An empty beer can
* Enthusiasm
* An audience

WARNING: Don't drink unless you are of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.

Step 1: Hold beer can
Place a beer can in the palm of your hand.

Make sure the beer can is empty and the opened end is in your palm.

Step 2: Raise the can toward your head
Raise the beer can toward your head as you squeeze the can with your thumb and fingers to prevent injury.

Squeeze the can without your audience knowing.

Step 3: Crush the can
Crush the bottom end of the beer can on your head while simultaneously squeezing the can.

Step 4: Yell
Let out a big yell or growl to add emphasis to your amazing talent.

Step 5: Throw arms up
Run around the room and throw your arms up enthusiastically to express your skill and gain additional cheering.

Step 6: Repeat
Repeat if needed.

Fact: The first canned beer was sold in Richmond, Virginia, in 1935.

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