How To: Brew your own homemade, fresh beer

Brew your own homemade, fresh beer

The days of moonshine and bathtub gin may be long gone, but you can still brew up a homemade batch of the freshest beer you'll ever taste.

After you've made the wort and pitched the yeast, it's time for fermentation and bottling.

Step 1. Prepare

Step 2. Sanitize

Step 3. Boil the wort

Step 4. Add hops and boil

Step 5. Cool the wort

Step 6. Add cold water

Step 7. Transfer wort to the fermenter

Step 8. Prepare to add yeast

Step 9. Pitch the yeast

Step 10. Seal


Step 1. Ferment

Step 2. Watch

Step 3. Prepare to transfer

Step 4. Take a hydrometer reading

Step 5. Boil the priming sugar

Step 6. Siphon

Step 7. Move your beer into the bottling bucket

Step 8. Transfer the siphon

Step 9. Bottle your beer

Step 10. Cap

Step 11. Condition the beer

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