How To: Brew homemade all grain old ale beer

Brew homemade all grain old ale beer

Get a recipe and directions for how to homebrew all grain old ale style beer. Learn how to make this homemade beer by following these step by step directions in this beer-making video tutorial, and make a microbrewery anywhere!

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Ive watched this video on youtube and here and I still cant get enough ! Great job man! : ) 5 stars


I live in Toowoomba Australia and some one has given me 50kgs (about 100 lbs) of barley. I think its raw as it will germinate. I was thinking I had to go down the path of germination and then toasting but I only have very basic home brewing equipment. After watching this vid I'm just going to have a crack at a brew as is. Then the next batch I'll toast a little.

All I need now is one of those grinder thingies. Thanks for your help and thanks for taking the time to shoot it well and for keeping it short. You will probably see a few more hits from down under as I will be sharing the love with my beer brewing and beer loving friends.

thanks again

Barnaby from Toowoomba

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